Is there strength in vulnerability? I think so. In the moments when one can leave themselves open to the world or a person I think there is a certain  strength and bravery needed. I my youth I was privileged enough to be in a position where I could positively impact and come in contact with other youth and young adults in some of their most vulnerable moments.  Some of the individuals I had interacted with before in my daily life. It was always emotional to see the difference when someone let down the mask they showed the world and let their vulnerability take centre stage as they sought a change for their life.  There is something so empowering about people exposing their souls, raw and unabashed, as they earnestly seek to better themselves and the lives of those around them. I am always moved when I see another youth or young adult earnestly trying to improve themselves. I sometimes have to restrain myself in public because I want to cry, cheer them on, and proudly slow clap. I love to see people doing well and progressing despite their circumstances. When I see youth and other young adults lost and dejected it hurts my soul. I want to go to each one and tell them to raise their head up. You are not your circumstances. You are not the negative words people have spoken about you. You have so much potential. Who has convinced you otherwise? Who convinced you to settle for less than your potential? There is more than one way to reach your goals. Failure is not the end of everything. It is often the beginning. As the saying goes ” if one door closes try the window”.  Let me lend you a hand! Two heads are better than one. Let’s figure things out together. Of course that would seem strange running up to people like that!  I think youth and young adults will always have a special place in my heart.

Sometimes being receptive to change and being honest and open with yourself can be uplifting not only for you, but for the lives you may touch knowingly or unknowingly.