Listen to your gut?

Many of us have those hopes, dreams, and goals we dare not utter to another soul for fear of ourntiny flame being ousted. Perhaps your closest family member, spouse, or best friend may hear whispers of your deep desires and hidden wishes. Sometimes there isn’t another person you trust with the tiny dream in its infancy. Sometimes you are the only one that can fan your flame while holding a little umbrella to protect it from the doubtful downpour. 

There are times when it feels as though we are the only ones in our corner with this gut feeling that we must protect and pursue our dream. Your dream may take you off of the well lit path into the dark dim terrsin. You may be unsure of your footing but your dream grows brighter lighting your path. One day when your flame shines bright you may look back and see others making their way down the trail you blazed. 


What do you do when you hit a fork in the road? There have been many times in the past when I was uncertain and just plain stuck between decisions. Do I change my field and complete a professional degree or do I go to graduate school and remain in my current field? Do I take that position or do I move for a better potential opportunity elsewhere? Do I stay or do I go? I could go on with the many options that I’ve encountered over the years. As I reflect, I notice that it wasn’t that I truly was uncertain it was more that I was fearful of the outcome if things didn’t workout or lacked confidence in my ability. In my heart I knew the option I was more in favour of, but I also knew my choice was often the more risky option. In the end I usually ended up going with the safer option.

 It’s a difficult decision the tred the more risky path, especially if you are not the only person your choice will impact. After deciding upon the direction I wanted to take my life I said “why not try the risky path” the worse thing I could do is fail. I’d rather try and give it my all than stay too safe and constantly wonder if I would have made it. Would I have been great at that? I am in the process of motivating myself not to settle for mediocrity and complacency. I don’t want to have regrets to ponder about decades from now. There is a time and place for “safe” decisions there also times when you know deep down that you want to try and take the risk. When it comes to decisions regarding the overall direction of my life I now ask myself  if I had no fear and no doubts which option would I choose and why. What is really holding you back?  

Don’t Lose Your Rhythm

Sometimes life gets you down, and sometimes life hits you with a 4 ton truck and throws you into a compactor to seal the deal. What do you do when you feel crushed beyond conceivable repair? What works for me is scaling back and focusing on simplified smaller goals. I’d rather accomplish 5 small things than remain frustrated that I couldn’t accomplish one large goal. Focusing on one small step at a time helps rebuild my motivation within. If I think too far and wide I’m swimming in despair and doubt before I even begin. You need time to catch your breath after a personal shortcoming or failure. 

As long as you stay in motion, it doesn’t matter how miniscule you feel the accomplisent may be, you’re still making progress. If you want to get from point A to point B you will have to carry on. Failures are inevitable; how you proceed afterward is important. It’s like an athlete training and pushing their body beyond what they could do the day before. They maintain their training schedule. If they become injured they take the time to heal and modify their regimen until they are ready. Yes you may have your big grand goal in mind, and that is great, but you need to be able to scale it down to how will you defeat today’s challenge? How will you meet your goal for today? At the end of the day are you better than you were yesterday?  If you’re persistent with your smaller realistic goals you can eventually acheive the larger goal. Sometimes I need to remind myself it is me versus me at the end of the day. Don’t lose your rhythm just because you fumbled a few beats or maybe you’ve been at rest for an entire movement in the music that is your life. Regardless, get back in there. Jump back in if you must. Keep moving and living. Don’t be frozen in a cycle of thoughts and actions. Just because you’ve been stuck on repeat for a very long time doesn’t mean that’s​ where you must spend the rest of your days. It can be hard to swim against the current. It is hard to go against what may  be easy and comfortable. Muster up what strength you have left and break out of stagnation. You may just surprise yourself.