She was it

She stands there unaware of the glow around her. The magnificence that encapsulsted her very being; her smile that lights the room is the essence that fills him. Her mind entriged him. Her words engulfed him.  The beauty of her presence invoked the singing of his heart strings. She was fire. She was love. He could not leave without her. He had to know her name. What was it? Her words were like silk upon his lips. He wanted more. She stood there in all her glory. His soul stirred and his eyes affixed upon her. The thump of his beating heart hastened. He stood up. He had to approach her. He had to know the name of this wondrous being of light. She stood upon the stage. Her gaze focused on the crowd. He brushed past all on the onlookers. He stood at her feet. An ethereal blessing released from her lips. It filled the room with calming joy. Oh how he longed to be the mic stand between her fingers. 

The music faded and the lights dimmed. She cast her eyes down upon him with a smile. His eyes met hers. Her smile sending an electric shock down his spine. She mouthed hello over the roar of the crowd and applause. He managed to crack a smile. She stretched out her hand and he took hold of it. This light–no this flame that had entered his life hopped down off of the stage. Her hair flowing and bouncing gracefully. The light shimmering off of every curl and coil. He held her hand for a few more moments. Security guards quickly surrounded them. She motioned for them to relax. He smiled and said “Hello”straining to speak over the crowd. She smiled and motioned for him to follow her. She grabbed his hand once more as her security made a way through the crowd. Who was this angelic woman? 

Aiden had come to this club on a whim. His friends were late, as usual, and he walked in just as this mystery woman was about to perform. The security led them through a pair of  heavy double doors. They walked down a green corridor and arrived at her dressing room. The gold plated letters on the door read Leila. His heart began racing as he stepped into the room. 

He cleared his throat and said “I really loved your performance. It was very moving”. 

She smiled and said “Thank you. I’m Leila by the way”.

“That’s a beautiful name. I’m Aiden.”

“Aiden. I like that. I saw you in the front row. You looked like you really understood my music. I hope you don’t mind me bringing you back here so suddenly. It’s just so hard to speak with crowds of people yelling. It’s been so long since I’ve met someone that really enjoyed my music. Half of those people probably don’t know who I am. I was just the replacement act since the original band couldn’t make it. I’m sorry if I’m overloading you with information. I don’t know. I just feel comfortable speaking to you I guess”. She smiled as she removed her earrings.

Aiden tried to control the smile emerging on his face. “Well to be honest Leila tonight was the first night I’ve heard your music. I was just blown away by you–your music I mean.” Aiden’s cheeks flushed. He shoved his hands into his pocket hoping Leila did not see his face. He looked down at his shoes.

“Well thank you for your honesty. Hey, if you’re not busy, do you want to grab a bite to eat? I don’t know about you but I am starving!” Leila said as she sat at her vanity removing make-up.

Aiden watched as Leila removed her jewelry. Her skin was smooth and dark. It appeared as if would glow in the moonlight. It was a stark contrast to his fair skin. He looked at her glowing just as brightly as when he’d first layed eyes on her. There was just something about her that radiated. He he was drawn to her presence. “I’m not busy at all. I’d love to grab some food”. Aiden said as he patted his pocket looking for his phone.

Leila stood up from her vanity. “Awesome. Okay, let me just change out of these clothes and then we can head out”. Leila picked up a bag and went into her private bathroom. 

Aiden took the opportunity to quickly text his friends. “You guys go ahead without me (whenever you actually show up). I have plans of my own.” Aiden hit send and put his phone back into his pocket. 

Leila walked out of the bathroom. The scent of strawberries filled the air. Aiden adjusted his collar. Leila was wearing a knee length form-fitting  black dress with ankle high boots. Aiden swallowed as he reminded himself to not let his jaw drop. 

Leila smiled. “Our chariot should be outside my good sir,” Leila bowed and chuckled, “This venue let me have the limo and driver until the morning. So lets enjoy it thoroughly.” Leila grabbed Aiden’s hand. “I’ll lead the way. I’m guessing you haven’t been back here before. I hope you have a big appetite”.

Aiden blushed as he felt the heat of her hands on his. They walked down the empty hallway.
———End Part 1———-

Just some writing practice. Get the good ol’ creative juices flowing.