Appgeyser Review: Create an android app in a few clicks? 


I haven’t done a review in a while. Recently I was stumbled upon this website called Appgeyser. Appgeyser allows you to create a variety of apps from games to chat messenger apps without coding or needing any special skills. It is quite simple to use. You simply select the type of app you’d like to create and enter any necessary information and/or customizations. 

You can save, share, and even monetize your apps by selling it on different android marketplaces or in-app advertisements (As long as your app is following the rules of Appgeyser and the individual marketplaces). 

I created a few different apps using Appgeyser. Overall I was dissapointed. In my opinion and experience the apps were either very generic, malfunctioned, or just poor quality. Several times the apps would malfunction especially some of the games apps. Getting the apps onto different android marketplaces was a bit of a hassle especially when some marketplaces wanted further information in terms of proving the app was yours. The FAQ section of the website wasn’t very helpful outside of the basics of using the site. 

I liked that they give you the option to monetize. Creating an app takes minutes and you can save and edit your apps. You can also download and test your apps. 

The process of submitting your app to the android marketplaces they provided was time consuming. However this was an issue I had with the individual marketplaces not the site itself. 

If you are just looking to try your hand at some quick and easy android apps for personal use with you and your friends. This site is ok for those purposes. If you are looking to actually monetize your apps and have more creative control beyond the scope of the websites tools I would not recommend this site. 

I would recommend this site for those that have the skills needed to develop, monetize,  or modify an android app. This site may serve as a crude starting point. Overall, the simple apps that worked were fine. I had my greatest issue with getting the app onto other marketplaces. Perhaps others will have a better experience than I have. 

Let me know below if you have ever tried using Appgeyser. 

YesStyle Order: COSRX Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer Day One Review


To follow up on my YesStyle order post I used the COSRX low pH gel cleanser, blackhead power liquid toner, and oil-free moisturizer and the Liftly pore cleansing facial brush for the first time today.

The cleanser was very thin and not a super thick gel at all. It was smooth and did not really have much of a scent. It smelled plain and like you could smell the actual light plastic scent of the bottle. Once the gel was out the bottle it had no scent (at least to me). I put the gel onto the facial brush. The facial brush was extremely soft and gentle. I did not need a lot. I used a little less than a dime sized amount.

The gel cleanser and the facial brush were very gentle. My skin was not irritated and felt smoother. My skin did not dry out after the cleanser as it has with other cleanser brands. 

The blackhead power liquid was very light and thin like the gel. It came in a pump head bottle. I only needed a small amount on a cotton pad to get the job done. Afterwards my skin felt softer and smooth. 

Lastly, the oil-free moisturizer was light and had a very mild  “lemon-like” fresh scent. I didn’t notice the scent until I had placed it on my face. It was not a strong fragrance and didn’t last long. Once I applied the lotion the light scent was gone and not really detectable after a few minutes. It was not irritating. I am quite sensitive to most fragrances​. The light temporary scent did not bother my skin. I did not breakout into hives or anything​. The lotion left my skin feeling soft and smooth with a mild natural looking glow. I did not find it greasy. My face appeared very fresh. I will definitely continue with this routine. I will compare my skin before and after in a couple weeks. 

Stay tuned for future posts on my A’PIEU charcoal mask and my Etude House Bebe Foot Mask! 

If you liked any of the products above and would like to try them out for yourself click here. Let me know your thoughts and experiences with these products in the comments below! 

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YesStyle order has arrived!


My much awaited YesStyle order has arrived!

Today I’ll give you a quick look at the products straight out of the box. Shipping took about a week. It came delivered in an​ e-packet. Everything looks as described. I’m excited to try these products out.

I will begin my regimen using the COSRX low pH gel cleanser with the Liftly facial pore cleansing brush. I’ll follow up with the COSRX blackhead power liquid and the oil-free ultra moisturizing lotion. This will be my day and night routine for the next couple weeks. I’ll take before and after pictures for my follow up review. 

I will create separate reviews for the A’PIEU black charcoal mask and the Faith in Face eye am not tired eye patches. Maybe I will create a video for the charcoal mask when I use it. 

The COSRX cleanser is definitely larger than I had expected. I will follow up with the smell and feel of the products after I use them. The acne pimple patch I will review later (luckily my skin is not mini volcano world right now). 

The free beauty sample that came with my order was:

I am not 100% sure if I will use this or when I should use this (I am by no means well versed in beauty products and regimens. I keep things quite simple since my skin is quite sensitive). If anyone has any tips on when this should be used in a typical beauty regimen please let me know in the comments below.

If you liked any of the products above and would like to try them out for yourself click here. Let me know your thoughts and experiences with these products in the comments below! 

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Use code 2017SPRING to get 10% OFF US$ 50+ for all customers on YesStyle hereTerms and Conditions apply. Ends April 2, 2017.

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Payed to play? AppLike Review


I recently stumbled upon the app AppLike. I’ll keep this review short and simple. Now, what is this app? 

Essentially, you give the app permission to see how you use your phone (example: what apps you are using, how often etc… Information businesses​ and marketers will find useful) and download games from their recommended apps list. The more you play the apps the more mCoins you acquire. The mCoins can be redeemed for cash deposited via PayPal

Does it work? Well, so far I’ve redeemed 0.50¢ Cdn and it was placed into my PayPal account rather quickly, it was within the same day. However, it can take up to 5 business days for PayPal payout and up to 7 for gift card payouts. The money was converted from Euros into  my chosen currency. You will need a PayPal account to receive payments. That is currently the only way they reward users right now. They may offer gift card payouts for short periods of time but the main method of payout is PayPal. Below is the pay I received so far in my PayPal account. 

 I am building up my mCoins to redeem for a larger amount. I will post an update once I gather a sizeable amount of points. 

Overall it’s pretty easy for passive money. It may be good for coffee change or if you really stick it out you could make a small bit each month. As long as you have one of the eligible  game apps open and running you’ll collect mCoins. I will update when I try to redeem a larger amount. 

If you feel like trying it out join here. Join using my  friend invite link and you’ll get 4444 mCoins to start! I advise download the apps that say “Extremely Many Coins”. They have a better rate of colecting coins.

Have you tried it out? Let me know in the comments below.

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YesStyle skincare haul is on its way!

UPDATE: Order arrived view it here


I have finally decided to order some skin care products from YesStyle. Most of the products are from the Korean brand COSRX. I like the reviews I have read about the brand so far. It sounds like it is gentle but effective. I placed my order Friday night and it shipped out yesterday morning. So I hope it will arrive within the next week or two.  I will definitely be reviewing each product.

Here are the products I bought:

*All images are from YesStyle

Have you used any awesome skin care products from YesStyle? Let me know in the comments below!

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Stay tuned for my post this Tuesday where I review the app AppLike.






My First YesStyle Order

I ordered some clothing from YesStyle in early February. The products weren’t readily in stock when I ordered so it took about 3 weeks to arrive. I ordered on the Canadian YesStyle site. I love the pricing and the fact that free shipping is only over $45.00 Cdn. The prices are actually pretty decent. As a Canadian shopper I was used to seeing that type of affordable pricing usually in US dollars. So I was quite excited to say the least. The sizes run smaller than North American sizes but still workable.


I ordered two items. The first item I ordered was a set.

Pointelle + Dress [Navy Blue XXL]




Cute set the only thing I could say was the dress isn’t poofy (Is that the word I’m looking for?) as it is in the image. I suppose if you wore something underneath to give it some more lift it may appear that way. I am 5’7 and this was more like a long shirt it did not hit mid-thigh for me. So wearing it with tights or leggings works well.

Here is what my order looked like.



My second item was the 3/4 Sleeve Cutaway-Shoulder Top [Coral – XL]

My order is on the left side. The sleeves were slightly shorter than in the picture on me. The material is stretchy. I hand washed it and the colour didn’t seem to run.


Overall, I am pleased with my order. My next order will be for some skin care products! I will be sure to review and share.

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Review: Dropshipping with Wholesale2B Pt 3 (Final): Two Cons of W2B

Now to end my review of dropshipping with Wholesale2B (W2B) I will go over the frustrations I encountered.

  1. Incorrect/Confusing Product Descriptions

Some suppliers are excellent at providing great product descriptions, however, a few providers provide terrible product descriptions. This was especially frustrating when loading thousands of products to your store and having to then edit all of the affected descriptions. You can’t edit product descriptions from your Wholesale2B dashboard. Some product descriptions seemed as though the descriptions were written in another language and then translated without anyone reviewing them for spelling and grammar. In my opinion it made stores seem less trustworthy if they have products with these strangely translated descriptions. This was a major frustration for me because you are not given the datafeed for products directly unless you sign up for a plan that includes a datafeed. So, I had to then attempt to export products from the BigCommerce platform and try to bulk edit them that way. If that did not work I had to go through each product and edit descriptions individually. I created a support ticket to have W2B mass edit the descriptions on their end but the supplier adds new products all the time and many slip through the cracks. If you really like the products from the supplier and  have no problem with exporting product csv file within your BigCommerce control panel, or whichever shopping cart you’ve chosen to use, then creating or fixing product descriptions en mass or individually then this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

2. International Shipping

If you are shipping only within the US then you will have no problems since almost all suppliers ship to the USA. If you need to ship to Canada and you are processing your orders through W2b there are a handful of suppliers that will ship to Canada, however, very few have reasonable shipping fees.  If you are selling products like fragrance or clothing the shipping costs are fine. Many suppliers will use FedEx to ship their products so shipping to Canada for most suppliers selling general merchandise and electronics etc.. are between $28.00-$30.00 USD. Personally, I did not have a need to ship outside of North America. If you are looking to ship outside of NA W2B may not be for you as there are only very few suppliers that ship outside NA, usually to the UK.  I have only seen 1 or 2 suppliers that ship internationally. They were UK or Europeann based suppliers.


Lastly, here are a few general things I wish I had known before dropshipping exclusively for an online store. Research whether the products you’re hoping to sell are considered high risk. Know that if your own credit is poor it may affect your applications to payment processors/gateways (You’ll need some way of getting paid right?). Payment processors evaluate whether your are a risky customer to take on. For example, if you were selling adult entertainment products, firearms, or even if you are using dropshipping as a method of order fulfilment, many payment processors will not accept clients selling these products or using methods they consider high-risk. Look for payment processors that accept high-risk merchant accounts. My first time dropshipping I had a payment processor cancel on me after two months because they considered dropshipping high risk. Why may you need a high risk payment gateway/processor? The Allied Wallet Blog provides a great explanation here.

Overall,  be prepared to troubleshoot as you embark on your dropshipping adventures.

This concludes my Wholesale2B review series.

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