There he was. The wind blows gently shifting each lock of hair. The sun shines down upon his face. His eyes so gentle yet cold. He’d lost her; the one that meant so much. His heart was fragile and on the verge of collapsing. Why did she leave him? What had he done? He had hoped to give her his soul, the moon, and the sun. She was the comfort that filled the night. She was the warmth on a winter’s day. Oh, how he remembered the way she’d walk with that alluring sway. The lips he used to touch were no longer there. He missed that fruity smell of her long hair.

He stared at the table in disbelief. There lay her keys to the apartment. She lived there no more. Her toothbrush was gone; not even a hair in drain. She’d erased her presence from his home. There was no letter. There was no goodbye. She simply was not there when he awoke. He tried to call but her number had changed. What could this be ? How could she just leave? Did his heart mean nothing? Last night she said she loved him, but now it’s just a lie. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. Tonight was the night he was going to give her this ring. He threw it on the table next to the keys. He wished he could throw his heart onto that table. He didn’t want to feel this. He didn’t ask for this. Where was she now? He wanted to know. Where was the girl he used to know?

Just some more practice.