New Calm

There is a certain peace that washes over when you put your fear and anxiety aside and dare to put your dream in motion. Sometimes you need to step into the dark with perserverance as your only light. Sometimes the weight of fear and anxiety can slow you down and even cease your progress all together. Drop the heavy sandbags and dare to live. 

I recently began this very process and I honestly feel different. I feel calm and relieved that I am going forward and not stuck in a cycle of worry and doubt. Constantly standing, pacing,and fretting at the starting line felt so stressful. Always too afraid to move. Once I started taking steps forward I had to drop the weight of worry to move freely and uninhibited. Starting can be a hurdle in itself. Lighten your load. 

Take a peek at my plate


Busy day today for me. Finally sitting down to a real meal. Had to lean on good ol’ comfort foods. Hunger was high and patience was low. It was definitely not the time for trying a new recipe. 

I decided on BBQ chicken breast with sauteed onions and seasoned pasta on the side. Cheese will definitely be added to the pasta. 

Comfort foods always hit the spot after a stressful day. 

What do you eat when you’re stressed? Let me know in the comments below.

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