Appgeyser Review: Create an android app in a few clicks? 


I haven’t done a review in a while. Recently I was stumbled upon this website called Appgeyser. Appgeyser allows you to create a variety of apps from games to chat messenger apps without coding or needing any special skills. It is quite simple to use. You simply select the type of app you’d like to create and enter any necessary information and/or customizations. 

You can save, share, and even monetize your apps by selling it on different android marketplaces or in-app advertisements (As long as your app is following the rules of Appgeyser and the individual marketplaces). 

I created a few different apps using Appgeyser. Overall I was dissapointed. In my opinion and experience the apps were either very generic, malfunctioned, or just poor quality. Several times the apps would malfunction especially some of the games apps. Getting the apps onto different android marketplaces was a bit of a hassle especially when some marketplaces wanted further information in terms of proving the app was yours. The FAQ section of the website wasn’t very helpful outside of the basics of using the site. 

I liked that they give you the option to monetize. Creating an app takes minutes and you can save and edit your apps. You can also download and test your apps. 

The process of submitting your app to the android marketplaces they provided was time consuming. However this was an issue I had with the individual marketplaces not the site itself. 

If you are just looking to try your hand at some quick and easy android apps for personal use with you and your friends. This site is ok for those purposes. If you are looking to actually monetize your apps and have more creative control beyond the scope of the websites tools I would not recommend this site. 

I would recommend this site for those that have the skills needed to develop, monetize,  or modify an android app. This site may serve as a crude starting point. Overall, the simple apps that worked were fine. I had my greatest issue with getting the app onto other marketplaces. Perhaps others will have a better experience than I have. 

Let me know below if you have ever tried using Appgeyser.