What drives you? 

What motivates you to keep going? What drives you to get back up every time life knocks you down? After maintaining basic necessities what is it that makes you say “this is worth it”. In times of defeat and despair what makes you dust yourself off and get back in the ring? These are questions I ask myself as I reflect on choices and contemplate decisions. Will I thank myself in 6 months or a year for this decision? Will I wonder endlessly about the potential possibilities if I walk away from a challenge? Personally, the one thing I don’t want to wonder about and possibly regret is my potential. I’d rather try and fail than sit on the sidelines wondering what could have been if only I had not been afraid to take that first step. 

One thing that really gets to me is seeing people walking parallel to their full potential. Stuck in path never to intersect, whether it be due to socioeconomic, mental, or physical circumstances and barriers, they are looking over and wondering what could have been. You can’t change the past but you can certainly direct your path going forward. If you want it, go for it fervently. If there’s a barrier you can’t go around, you may just need to bust through even if it’s a small opening. Take it down brick by brick. Use any helping hands and resources you can find, even if it’s just one pair. Share your goals with few even though you will be surrounded by and working with many individuals. Not everyone you surround yourself with is meant to be within your circle. Some may not be there to build with you, but merely spectate or discourage you. I say this because social support is important even if you have just one person that can encourage you when times get rough, it can help keep you afloat in stressful times. As you go along your journey I encourage you to ask yourself what drives you and where do you want to go? 

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