I’ll get to it eventually?

I have been stock piling various language learning resources for years now. I always start and then let it get thrown to the bottom of the priority pile. If I had maintained dedicating at least half hour of my time  each day I could have been a gosh darn decent conversationalist by now. Well, now it is time to make myself and my interests a priority again. I’ve begun reorienting my lens on life. My health and well-being must shift from the lower end of the priority list and be placed at the top. I need to become comfortable with consistenly building in my daily life. Too often do I break apart my self care into little compartments exclusive of one another and think of them as a just a one time goal. Too often I’m impatient and dread making my goals more sustainable and attainable simply because it’d take too long in my eyes. I really need to shift out of this “one-and-done” mentality. I become my worst enemy being too locked into that way of thinking. I must now plan smaller continuous steps to a better me and not focus on the time frame and racing an invisible clock. Sometimes it’s ok not to glare at the “big picture” all the time and work on your own area first. Here’s to not biting off more than I can consistently chew. 

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