When you’ve got a creative soul

I may not be a professional artist, but gosh darn it I can’t deny the creative streak that constantly flows within me. By day I’m a woman in the healthcare field , by night I’m an entrepreneur and a hobby artist. Music and visual arts have always had a  special place in my heart. They are my therapy after facing the world. I’ll always remember my older sibling telling me that I shouldn’t​ accept the invitation to a well-known visual arts​ school because it wasn’t a practical and profitable career path in their eyes. I was angry at first. I wanted to run off and become the artist du jour. However, I considered what they said and decided to not pursue visual art full-time, but I pursued music instead. I felt I’d still get what I wanted. After beginning down that career path I realized it wasn’t for me; well, not as a full time career. I did not have the necessary passion, patience, and drive for it to be my main long term professional focus. I would not go into something half-assed. 

While I was getting my feet wet and discovering a fulfilling profession I found ways to incorporate my creative side. I could not ever just not involve myself in music and art. I continue creating visual art as a hobby. I performed in ensembles when I could. I ended up continuing to collaborate with my best friend and putting my art up online. Music is therapeutic for me. I don’t need to be the best. As long as I get to play and better myself I’m happy. Creativity will always be within me and I will keep finding ways to let it out before I explode. Don’t be afraid to be a complex person! Have your cake, make it, bake it, decorate it, and eat it too if you please. Just because a door to one opportunity is closed doesn’t mean the window won’t open up for you.  

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