Review: Dropshipping with Wholesale2B Pt 3 (Final): Two Cons of W2B

Now to end my review of dropshipping with Wholesale2B (W2B) I will go over the frustrations I encountered.

  1. Incorrect/Confusing Product Descriptions

Some suppliers are excellent at providing great product descriptions, however, a few providers provide terrible product descriptions. This was especially frustrating when loading thousands of products to your store and having to then edit all of the affected descriptions. You can’t edit product descriptions from your Wholesale2B dashboard. Some product descriptions seemed as though the descriptions were written in another language and then translated without anyone reviewing them for spelling and grammar. In my opinion it made stores seem less trustworthy if they have products with these strangely translated descriptions. This was a major frustration for me because you are not given the datafeed for products directly unless you sign up for a plan that includes a datafeed. So, I had to then attempt to export products from the BigCommerce platform and try to bulk edit them that way. If that did not work I had to go through each product and edit descriptions individually. I created a support ticket to have W2B mass edit the descriptions on their end but the supplier adds new products all the time and many slip through the cracks. If you really like the products from the supplier and  have no problem with exporting product csv file within your BigCommerce control panel, or whichever shopping cart you’ve chosen to use, then creating or fixing product descriptions en mass or individually then this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

2. International Shipping

If you are shipping only within the US then you will have no problems since almost all suppliers ship to the USA. If you need to ship to Canada and you are processing your orders through W2b there are a handful of suppliers that will ship to Canada, however, very few have reasonable shipping fees.  If you are selling products like fragrance or clothing the shipping costs are fine. Many suppliers will use FedEx to ship their products so shipping to Canada for most suppliers selling general merchandise and electronics etc.. are between $28.00-$30.00 USD. Personally, I did not have a need to ship outside of North America. If you are looking to ship outside of NA W2B may not be for you as there are only very few suppliers that ship outside NA, usually to the UK.  I have only seen 1 or 2 suppliers that ship internationally. They were UK or Eupoean based suppliers.


Lastly, here are a few general things I wish I had known before dropshipping exclusively for an online store. Reseach whether the products you’re hoping to sell are considered high risk. Know that if your own credit is poor it may affect your applications to payment processors/gateways (You’ll need some way of getting paid right?). Payment processors evaluate whether your are a risky customer to take on. For example, if you were selling adult entertainment products, firearms, or even if you are using dropshipping as a method of order fulfilment, many payment processors will not accept clients selling these products or using methods they consider high-risk. Look for payment processors that accept high-risk merchant accounts. My first time dropshipping I had a payment processor cancel on me after two months because they considered dropshipping high risk. Why may you need a high risk payment gateway/processor? The Allied Wallet Blog provides a great explanation here.

Overall,  be prepared to troubleshoot as you embark on your dropshipping adventures.

This concludes my Wholesale2B review series.

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