Review: Dropshipping with Wholesale2B Pt 2: Preparing your items to load to your store

So you’ve done your research and decided to sign up with Wholesale2b (W2B). Now you have selected the products you want to sell. What now?

Well, it’s time to load those products to your BigCommerce Store (or W2B  created website or other e-commerce platform).

It’s very easy to get your products into your BigCommerce store.

Login into your W2B account and click on the BigCommerce plan.

You will see all the products you have chosen in your BigCommerce list.

Click on category mapping.

2017-03-07 17.09.42

Category mapping directs where you want products to be catalogued. On the left side you will see the categories as they come from the supplier. If you like the way the category is mapped you can leave the text box on the right blank. If you want to  customize category mapping from the supplier categories to your store’s categories. For example, you have selected Skin care products from Brand A. The default category mapping from the supplier is Skincare>Brand A. This means the category heading that would appear on your BigCommerce shop is Skincare with Brand A listed within as a subcategory. On your website you would like all of your skin care products under the Beauty category and separated by brand name. On the right side there a text box where you can enter custom category mapping. So, if you want to place all skincare products as a subcategory within the Beauty category you would enter Beauty>Skincare>Brand A. Whatever you enter into the custom field is how the category will be organized on your BigCommerce shop website. The text boxes are case sensitive, so Skincare and skincare would map as two different categories. 2017-03-07 17.21.22


Now once you’re categories are mapped the way you like it’s time to ensure your prices are displayed the way you’d like. Click on set prices. 2017-03-07 17.48.09

You can set price markups for each supplier. You also have the option of paying $5 USD to have W2B set a global markup across all suppliers to ensure you have a minimum profit (profit set by you when you order. So If you want to make $5 on every item you’d enter $5 as your minimum profit).

2017-03-07 17.49.47


You can set your price mark ups as  tiered percentages or dollar amounts. You can also do the same for shipping. 2017-03-07 17.50.28

You have the option to combine your wholesale price and the shipping cost of the item so they display already combined on your website.

2017-03-07 17.26.592017-03-07 17.32.58Now you’re ready to let your products load into your store right? One last step is needed! You want to check your product listings for any negative profits. Profits are recalculated  approximately 20 minutes after you make a change to your product prices or product listing.

2017-03-07 17.48.582017-03-07 17.55.32

Once your prices and products are to your liking all you need to do is wait. Your products will be loaded to your store within 24hrs. It can take up to 24 hours if you are loading thousands of products. Please note in order to connect your W2B products to your store you first need to install the Wholesale2B app in your BigCommerce store.

In my next review I’ll go over what I felt were the cons of Wholesale2B.

Follow to keep up to date. Please feel free to ask questions below.

If you would like to sign up with Wholesale2B please click here.*

*Please note by signing up through the above links I will earn a small commission.*




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