Review: Dropshipping with Wholesale2B Pt 1: What is it?

I’ve  heard about dropshipping in the past but, it always seemed too cumbersome to utilize as an order fulfilment method. If you don’t know, dropshipping is a way to provide products to customers directly from the supplier without having a physical inventory. Essentially the customer processes their order with the retailer; the retailer then orders from their supplier and has them dropship the product directly to the customer. When I came across Wholesale2B and their catalogue of droship suppliers and products I was skeptical  to say the least. This week I will review my experience dropshipping with Wholesale2B using their new BigCommerce plan.

Wholesale2B has a catalogue of dropship suppliers and their products. The suppliers mainly ship to the USA, however, there are a few that ship to Canada and internationally but not many. If the USA is the market you’re focusing on then there are many supplier options available depending upon you your niche. First you need to make a free account to browse their catalogue and suppliers. screenshot_2017-02-23-20-51-44

Once you sign up you can view the various product categories. See if the products and pricing are appropriate for your e-commerce business.



Once you’ve selected a product you can view information about the product and supplier such as pricing and shipping & return policies.



One thing I like about Wholesale2B is that you have the option of dealing directly with suppliers or having Wholesale2B handle your order with the supplier for you.

If you have Wholesale2B handle your order all you have to do is place your order through them.

  • PROS: You don’t have to speak to the supplier or set up separate reseller accounts with the suppliers. It’s simple and easy with less documentation to worry about such as providing tax ID or GST/HST account (for Canadian resellers). They handle returns processing
  • CONS: Wholesale2B charges a 3% fee on each purchase and you may not get as cheap of a wholesale price than if you deal directly with the supplier.


Once you’re ready to check out you can pay by credit card or PayPal. If you are not processing your order through Wholesale2B, but directly through suppliers, you may have different acceptable payment methods. Please note most suppliers may require a different form of payment such as wire transfer for large orders over $300 USD.

Wholesale2B offers several plans depending on your needs. If you have an Amazon or Ebay shop they have plans to allow you to load their products directly to your shop. If you need a website and everything set up turnkey for you they have plan for that.They recently added Shopify and Big Commerce plans that allow you to load your selected products to your shop. If you have your own website and would prefer to set up everything yourself they also have a datafeed plan in which you get the csv files and product images to import for yourself.

What about customer service?

Well, Wholesale2B has a mild to moderate learning curb for the complete beginner. Their support is provided through creating support tickets, email, and live chat. However, under contact us they have a large FAQ/ Knowledge database where answers from other people’s support tickets are logged as well. I’d  recommend viewing and searching the FAQ first before creating a support ticket or live chat. I found the live chat service providers to be rather rushed and sometimes didn’t really read questions in-depth before just sending you a link in the FAQ. If you have a simple question live chat can direct you quickly to the article. I’d  recommend creating a support ticket for more in depth answers. Their average response time is 4.6 hours on weekdays and 5 hours on weekends but it can take longer.


Overall, I’d say using Wholesale2B wasn’t very difficult. Please do your research beforehand if you are unsure of how something will work. Customer service can take time if you need to create a support ticket. This method may not be for everyone.

Ask any questions below or let me know your experiences too!

In my next post this week I will review setting up products for import to your BigCommerce shop. Follow to keep up to date!

If you would like to sign up with Wholesale2B please click here.*

*Please note by signing up through the above links I will earn a small commission.*

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